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    OR-OSHA Heat Stress Prevention Resources


    ORRA Stands United Against Racial Violence and Injustice

    Oregon Refuse & Recycling Association (ORRA) denounces the senseless murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others. We know that this moment in history calls for self-reflection and for committing to doing things differently. No person should live in fear—we stand united with all people of color in calling for justice and accountability. To this end, we commit ourselves to doing our own hard and intentional work to be more inclusive, to assessing our own biases, to listening, and to fostering an industry where people of color can thrive.

    ORRA will continue this commitment and will offer more opportunities to engage in learning, education and training. We will continue to reach out and listen in the communities that we serve.



    Oregon Refuse & Recycling Association (ORRA) is a 200 member voluntary association of solid waste management companies and businesses which specialize in offering equipment and services important to the industry.  Founded in 1965 to advance the efficiencies of collecting and processing recyclables and solid waste, ORRA provides legislative advocacy, education, group insurance, meeting facilities and advice on regulatory matters to its members.

    ORRA is a member of the West Coast Refuse and Recycling Coalition (WCRRC), a regional association formed by ORRA and its counterparts in Washington and California, the Washington Refuse and Recycling Association and the California Refuse Recycling Council.